EPS Foam: The Positive Effects of Recycle

Polystyrene foam known as Expanded Polystyrene, Styrene or foam #6 is much more elastic, durable, sterile, reliable, and a wonderful absorbent insulating material. Those characteristics make this material suitable for food manufacturing, such as the medical industry as medical coolers, packaging and insulation material for supports such as cups, plates, dishes and utensils. There is a delusion that it cannot be recycled, which may be accurate, but the methods and equipment have been improved and updated in recent decades.

Styrofoam can be melted or shredded, reducing itself by up to its original volume in this method. This gives the positive impact of the industry as well as the environment and economy. Here are the reasons why polystyrene manufacturing will give impacts by the means of recycle.

Good Market

Recycled foam is a fantastic market where companies will pay you money to get it out of your hands. These companies that produce and reuse materials are sold through the foam. Through foam, instead of having to provide materials, waste is reduced and reused. By recycling foam will reduce its volume but can reuse it, making it energy efficient. The recycled materials can be reprocessed and molded eventually mixed with other materials to create new outcomes.

Environmental Sustainability

StyrofoamAnother great advantage of foam recycling is the simple fact that we are freeing up space for landfills. By not doing recycles, people probably throw away as trash in garbage bins that may take up a lot of space and end up thrown away anywhere or throw as waste in the sea and buried. The material consists of petroleum and takes some time to break down and disintegrate. Recycling helps prevent environmental degradation and keeps our environment green and sustainable.

Economy Booster


In addition to the simple fact that we use it to produce new materials, creates more jobs and employment opportunities, thus stimulating the economy and industries. Recycling also reduces the frequency of waste disposal and also reduces the price. The process is much simpler – the machines swallow much less than before, the distance is shorter, the processing time is faster and the quantity reduction is also maximized. Keep up to date, and we need to keep it green for our health and our future.

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