Frequently Broken Traffic Laws

Staying safe and following the rules while in public or driving will help you stay out of trouble. As you can see here, even some celebrities have been sent to jail due to traffic rules violations. You certainly see drivers performing all kinds of things you know are contrary to the law, like to behaving as though they’re the only ones on the road.

They run red lights, speak on their mobile phone, make wrong turns, and do not use their turn signal. Such cases can lead to a jail sentence if traffic police catch you. Not obeying the speed limit, is one of the most broken traffic rules. Folks drive over the posted speed limit signal as they’re in a rush to get to wherever they’re going. Or perhaps they feel as though they’re better than average drivers who are watching the speed limits.

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Avoid Reckless Driving

Careless driving citations are the fourth most frequent. Careless driving is driving on the roads or streets without due care, attention, or reasonable consideration for other road users. Reckless driving does not just bring about a ticket you need to pay but could also add points to your license. This may have your license reversed or suspended and in other cases imprisoned.

Pay the Highway Tolls

Some cities don’t have many toll roads, but in cities such as Florida, not paying the tolls will get you a traffic violation ticket. In reality, 10 percent of the tickets provided in the country were for price crimes.

Look out for the Red Light

traffic signDrivers who run the red light have their photos taken by traffic cameras, and a ticket will be sent to their email. Unlike all the other ways to get a traffic citing listed in this article, running a red light is regarded as a grave mistake, sure to provide you with a ticket. Statistics show that running red lights is the second-highest offense after over speeding.

Finally, driving without your license or with an expired license can earn you a traffic citation. Also, driving with a fake or license can lead to prosecution and a jail sentence.

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