Helpful Baby Items You Should Have for Your Newborn

Helpful Baby Items You Should Have for Your Newborn

The number of products available for babies and toddlers is enormous. However, many items for babies are frivolous and serve no purpose. So, if you need to cut your expense but want to take the best care of your baby, you should have and use these useful baby items. Check out the following tips to get the basics in place before your baby comes in your family.

Helpful Baby Items You Should Have for Your Newborn

Baby Clothes

Your little one is probably on the way, and clothes shopping is a lot of fun. How many baby clothes will you need? Infant sizes fit babies from 8 to 11 pounds, and babies often outgrow infant sizes quickly after they arrive. Store adorable outfits for sizes 0-3 months that they will wear for a long time.

Baby clothes should be soft and easy to put on and take off; onesies, for example, should have rolled-up sleeves with a large head opening. Suits with zippers are much easier than those with snaps, especially if the diaper needs to be changed in the middle of the night.

Infant Car Seat and Travel System

A car seat for your baby is a must – you won’t be able to bring your baby home from the hospital without one. Be careful when buying a used car seat. You should not buy a car seat online or at a garage sale without checking the expiration date and knowing its history. Many child car seats come with a “travel program” that allows you to place the seat in a vehicle base and stroller.

Numerous bases can be purchased for any car in the house, making car seat installation especially easy, as the seat only needs to fit into the base. Another benefit of a travel system is the ability for the baby to sleep undisturbed. There’s no need to wake the child or take them out of the cold.


Those who use disposable diapers should buy the right sizes. Most babies wear diapers for a very short time: it is wise to avoid buying too many newborn size packs, as the baby will outgrow them by 9-10 pounds in weight (this happens by one month of age for most babies, and some are born larger than the newborn diaper size). The amount of time spent in size 2 compared to size 3 varies by the baby. Babies vary in weight as they approach the 1-year mark.

Baby Toys

Baby toys are adorable, but the fact is that your furry friend won’t be playing with toys for very long. The best toys for toddlers are ankle or doll rattles – these soft rings make sounds as soon as the child moves his or her legs. Another great toy for toddlers is an unbreakable mirror because babies love to look at their faces. As your child develops, other toys will appeal to them. A baby gym is a significant investment right now.

Breast Pump and Breastfeeding Products

Mothers who want to breastfeed will want to buy a breast pump, especially if they expect a return to the office. Buy an electric breast pump, as manual models are much less efficient and take much longer to express the same amount of milk. Medela makes great breast pumps that are expensive, but other breastfeeding supplies are Lactation.